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In my ongoing collection, "Scrims", I'm looking for a modern perspective on nature and pattern by photographing common Colorado native wild grass, plants, trees and other elements through various translucent and reflective materials.


The images in these three series of work are the result of a delicate dance between a number of factors: the position of the sun in the sky, the position of the scrims, how the shadow of the subject is cast into the scrim, the translucent and reflective properties of the material being used and how the patterns interact with the composition of the image. 

After living in the city most of my life, it's interesting, how much of an affect being closer to nature has had on me. I never would have considered photographing nature, but living here on "The Mesa" in Colorado Springs, I'm surrounded by these beautiful old desert hills, full of prickly pear cactus and dry kelch-grass. Maybe its the homely-ness of the plants themselves that attract me, hidden away in the repetition of a hillside. Somehow there's a familiarity to it all and I find my perspective being challenged by these surroundings.

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