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Kevin Still

"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it."

                                            Vincent Van Gogh

As the oldest of ten kids growing up in Pasadena, California I would watch my younger brother, Kye Still ( ) paint and draw. It was clear from the beginning he was extremely gifted. I was always the musician in the family but occasionally I would pick up a pencil to see if my musical mojo would extend to art, It seemed obvious from my scribbles that it did not. In my mid-twenties, I picked up a camera and it was then I discovered how visual I was. I started a talent management company around the same time and I found myself shooting headshots and zed cards for actors and models in LA. As my love for photography grew, so did my interest in all things art. My personal work became more experimental and I started studying artists like Abelardo Morell, Kim Keever, and Ellen Carey. Their work was forward-thinking and abstract, inventive as it was creative, yet still grounded in the fundamentals of traditional photography. This discovery encouraged how I was thinking about photography and gave me more confidence in my own work.


My photography might be described as surrealism with sculpture-based elements. Most of my imagery tends to draw away from the literal world, leaning more on my subconscious as the source of creativity. I try to find my voice as an artist by constantly pursuing non-traditional ideas and methods within photography that allow me to re-imagine and inject new life into the commonplace things around us. Imagination is a fundamental piece of our individualism and It has become increasingly important for me to challenge the popular view of photography, considering more expressive possibilities within the medium.



A series of work shot through varying translucent and reflective materials.

Ephemeral materials sculpted and photographed on a large custom made light table.

IMGP7171 Print 1.jpf

A home for my singular images and erratic creative mood swings.

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